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Alyson Hannigan
Vital Statistics

Born: March 24th 1974 in 
Washington, DC

Height: 5ft 3inches

Natural Hair Colour: Red

Natural Eye Colour: Green

Like her co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan has been on the showbiz treadmill since the age of four. She is not a Willow-style wallflower, but an outgoing professional who has grown up in the industry.
Alyson worked in commercials as a child and moved to LA when she was eleven in the hope of carving a career in TV and film. Her breakthrough was in 'My Stepmother Is An Alien', playing Dan Aykroyd's misunderstood daughter, Jessie. One of her co-stars was a certain Seth Green. Their paths crossed again on the sitcom 'Free Spirit'.
Other notable appearances were in 'Picket Fences', 'Touched By An Angel', and as one of Becky's friends in 'Roseanne'. The success of 'Buffy' has raised her profile even higher. After the feature film 'Dead Man on Campus', her latest starring role is in 'American Pie', a hit bad-taste comedy. She does things that Willow wouldn't...
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